The Gallery of Clone Paintings

CLONE paintings are lifestyle representations and always show at least two images of the same person in any given painting to help reflect and flesh out that persons’ history. I’ve had a lot of fun with this series and it has been received with many smiles and some out right laughter. “Jury duty” has won several awards and “Coach” was a commissioned project while others have been exhibited in regional and international shows.


Click on a painting to enlarge and to read about details including prices and commissions.

Fireside chat                                     Raise you ten                                          Setting up the show       

        Watercolor workshop                                             Coach                                                   The connoisseur

         Bye folks                                               Budding birders                                                 What’s up?                                   

Jury Duty

Self analysis

Jim sketches  Jim

  Down a little bit

Jury duty

   Did you hear the one


Time Trial